Do you have a strong personality? I don't because of all my insecurities about myself.


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PJ Stein answered

I do now. It took me awhile to build the confidence to get here. I always had some strength and used to take someone pushing e too far before I would stand up for myself. I don't wait that long anymore. I usually let people know where I stand as soon as they try to push me now.

Take baby steps in building your confidence and the rest will come.

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Believe me, every 8 out of 10 people has insecurities! But they could be confidential as well! What i mean is most people find different points to feel insecure about themselves during their lifetime.

You should exercise your insecurities, learn that everyone has their own unique way, talents, shapes and sizes, everyone has something to offer and everyone has worth, our flaws are part of who we are, you need to embrace yourself and the take best out of you, and start to bring positive thoughts within yourself and life, start to know yourself and anything you would put a change for greater good ? Start to be organized and make plans and start to change them, of course in a valid and healthy way! Confident is a state of mind and you reach it when you allow your true self and abilities to ignite out of you.

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I wouldn't say I have a strong personality. I'm more of the quiet background type.

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I think I have a strong personality.... I've been told  I have a polarizing personality. I think it was meant to be an insult but I'm fine with that.

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Danae Hitch
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Polarizing: to divide into sharply opposing factions, political groups, etc.

I would give them a swift kick in the shins, if someone were to say that to me. You might have strong opinions, but I don't think you try to divide people. Tell them to pound sand, Jaimie. BAM!
Jaimie  JT
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Lol thanks Danae :) I will!! BAM !

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