Is it possible to lie to yourself?


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It sure is.

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Sure, some people do it all the time in different occasions.

This quote is from a movie called phone booth, sometimes people lie to themselves like that for so long! Till they realize it who they really are.

"I wear all this Italian s**t because underneath I still feel like the Bronx. I think I need these clothes and this watch. My two thousand dollar watch is a fake and so am I. I've neglected the things I should have valued most. I valued this s**t. I take off my wedding ring to call Pam. Kelly, that's Pam. Don't blame her. I never told her I was married. And if I did she, she would have told me to go home. Kelly, looking at you now, I'm ashamed of myself. All right? I mean, I work so hard on this image, on Stu Shepherd, the a****le who refers to himself in the third person, that I only proved I should be alone. I have just been dressing up as something I'm not for so long, I'm so afraid no one will like what's underneath. But here I am, just flesh and blood and weakness"

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Absolutely; happens all the time. Allow me to to elaborate:

Roughly 48% of Americans are convinced that a 500 yr-old man with no seafaring experience singlehandedly built a wooden boat to hold 2.3 million individual living creatures for six months. That's 140 million willfully deceived people, give or take. 

Kanye West is sure he is the biggest rock star alive. Just ask him.

Every year, over 40,000 people convince themselves they are sober enough to drive, but are tragically proven wrong.

Watch the 700 Club once, you'll see Pat Robertson. You'll know self-delusion in epic form.

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It's possible and billions do.

I don't,  I know exactly what I am.

I'm an insignificant nothing a


in our vast endless universe. 

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Call me Z
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@Jan, you're right, why fool ourselves about things like this. Fact is, none of us are any more significant in the cosmic scheme than an oyster, and it takes some courage to come to grips with it. Here's to our collective insignificance, so glorious and fleeting..(lifts cold beverage). ๐ŸนCheers.
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๐Ÿน Cheers.
@Z, I want to point out one other thing about me. I'm ๐Ÿ‘น and very unattractive I know this. I accept. People tell me all the time you have a beautiful smile. That I know. No one ever says you're pretty or attractive or you're ok. I accept that as well. No reason for me to lie to myself about my "looks". But my heart๐Ÿ’› and ๐Ÿ˜„ mind๐Ÿ˜Ž are beautiful and I'm happy.
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(Sound of applause). Bravo.
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Ohhhh big hell's to the yeah on that....

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Elaborate please.
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i don't really want to cos I share lots on here and ramble on about lots .. but somethings are personal to me and I keep them my own ... But I have lied to myself when I really wanted to believe in something against my better judgment. . That's all I have to say about that. Sometimes we lie to ourselves cos we just want to believe in something , or someone.
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Thats the truth, Jamie. Belief takes the place of reality.
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it's not a lie! Even my mom says I'm beautiful!

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Yes, for example, many people in bad relationships believe nothing is wrong because their heart is so overpowering in telling them they love that person, even when they shouldn't!

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