Every night I have violent nasty dreams. Will they stop when Im dead?


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Are you serious ? You won't be dreaming when you're dead.

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Yes,but I would hope they stop before that.

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FYI .. There are many triggers that can cause repeated bad dreams and nightmares .. Some of which are often overlooked or under estimated .. Like for example .. Sugar consumption shortly before going to bed

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Maybe your holding back anger.  Find a way to release emotions.  Try going to the gym and lift some weights.  Pound in some drums.  Jump up and down and yell.  Even a massage can release emotions.  Just a thought from someone who doesn't know you.  Good luck.

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Here's a few unexpected causes of such dreams:


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Dear Harold Eisensmith,

First of all I would take your dreams seriously, especially since you have them nightly.

1) Start by making an appointment with your physician for a thorough health exam; sometimes nightmares correlate with physical health issues. At the same time have them evaluate the side effects of any meds you are taking.

2) Also, search out a good counselor, especially one trained in the Jungian tradition. Look for the possibility of trauma or even PTSD.

* * *

There should be some insight and treatment for you, you should be able to find your way out of the nightly horrors now, not at death.

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Thoughtful, as always.
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She is very sweet! :0)
Virginia Lou
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Hi Dozy, hi Y&Y...he has probably already been these routes, but you need to keep at it, keep looking and trying until you find what works for you. Horrific what he is going through...

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