I used to be a very angry person. I got into a lot of fights but therapy made me docile. How do I get back to not being afraid of anyone so I can stop feeling like a coward?


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I'm glad that you've had some therapy that has helped you not get into fights. Physically fighting with someone doesn't solve anything; if you're doing this at school, it could get you expelled or suspended and for what reason?

Realize that you don't have control over what people do and say. You can only control your reaction to what they do and say.

If someone calls you fathead, stupid, coward, etc., it may hurt your pride to be called names, but it doesn't physically hurt you. A good reaction to this is to look at the person calling you names and then calmly walk away.  They are looking for a reaction - don't give it to them.

Boundaries by Henry Cloud is an excellent book. It helps you see what's acceptable and how you can set limits on people you come in contact with.

Not fighting someone takes courage, if all you've done before is fight. Many people that know you don't believe you have changed, so they could be testing you to see if you'll break and take a swing at someone. Don't let yourself get sucked into this.

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Anger should be a tool in your repertoire; not a state of mind.

Talk to your therapist about it.

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