In one word how would you describe yourself ? Made up words are acceptable :) I choose " firecrackery" for myself.


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I know :) I know the crazy pic is from your first wife ... And I know how much you loved your second :) and the poppa smurf parties you had ... I remember a lot about you from ask .. Cos even though we have age difference we both went though simaliar situations and were there for same reason so I'll take that as a compliment then :)
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It is definitely a compliment. (she was a blonde too)
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Cool :)
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I won't sell my loyalty even if it cost my life.

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"You'll take that" it's all bad or it's all good ? :))
Jaimie  JT
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lol you're so sensitive :p is all good !! I'm making my comfort food for dinner now cos will be the last time I'm home for a week :) I'm flying out in the morning ... I don't wanna . I wish I was just on the train again :)
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Damn it! i didn't receive the notification for this! i checked for your replays few times as well but you made no comment i thought you ended the conversation! so i stopped checking! or maybe you commented after i gone! anyway, i wish i could see it earlier cause as i write this you probably flown already!
Whenever you be know that my wishes are with you my friend :)
You say i'm so positive ? catch some of mines! however that you don't like the fly! yet try to embrace it and find another perspective to look at it. you'll feel better then :)
Hopefully anything that you're up to in your career, you be successful :)
ummmmm . . . yes maybe i am! i would be sensitive cause i care to not disturb your feelings ;) i wanna be a good couch coach so i could get more juice boxes ;p !! HA!
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bi polar

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Bippety-boppety-boo! That's my word for today.

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