I need the knife in my profile picture identified?


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SuperFly Original Profile

Definite Ninja activity. I am 100% certain a ninja used this knife. Most likely a high priest vatican assassin warlock.

On a serious note, their are no visible markings. So I doubt you will identify it. Sorry, I certainly can't identify it. 

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Could be a Viper throwing or boot knife. Known as a cold weapon. Looks close to it but the Viper is indeed a much better weapon. Or possibly a ceramic throwing knife.

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Tom Jackson answered

I would definitely think it is not a throwing knife because of the shape of the blade, the way he is holding it, and the fact that there is a throwing weapon in his right hand.

I searched for the image on the internet.  I randomly went here:


Maybe that will help

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