How do people make friends so easily? Let alone true friends....


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By being kind and nice to everyone.But if someone claims to have a 100 friends I highly doubt that most of them are true friends.I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have a tendency to think that by talking to someone for a few minutes or hanging out once in awhile for a bit is what a friend is.But a true friend is someone who you talk to all the time and can trust with your life.People seem to forget the true meaning of being a friend and seem to mistake it for best friend.

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PJ Stein answered

I make a lot of acquaintances. Just by being nice and simply saying "Hi. How are you doing today?"  Depending on their response, I may say something else or not. If they shrug or don't answer I don't say anything else. If they say "Not good." or something else negative, I tell them I  hope their day gets better, and the conversation usually ends. If they  say good, they often, out of politeness, ask how mine is going. I will say good as well, and then say something about the weather or glad to be out of the house, or mention something I am looking forward to. Before you know it you are talking and getting to know one another.

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