You know when you think you have a problem? But then you see someone else in a worse situation ? and it makes you realize Your issue isn't that bad? Do you ever feel that way? I do.


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I do. When I see and read about all that is going on in the world, I consider myself very fortunate.

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Dear Megan Goodgirl,

Yes I have given some thought there...and I really have come to believe that somehow we humankind tend to focus on the difficulties, and take the positives for least until we see someone in a worse situation.

* * *

And that does not need to be a bad thing, because it is important to understand what is going wrong. So more and more, what I am trying is just to see the negatives clearly, then decide what if anything I can do about it - without letting the negatives make me unhappy.

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Just so you know, my brother was in this situation. My husband was in Qatar, but never left the post, so he wasn't carrying around all that equipment.

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John McCann
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@Rooster Cogburn

I just get medications there. The copay is very reasonable compared to other methods I would have to use to pay for my meds. I take a med that coasts 4 to 5 hundred dollars per injection. Something not covered by my health plan.

Treatment at my local VA would be below primitive. Those people can't keep out of the papers with negative press.

The VA sucks everywhere and most vets working there are janitors and the like. Administrators did not serve for the most part.
PJ Stein
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John, I am sorry you feeling less appreciated because you are Vietnam era. I have two uncles who served then and several friends as well. I appreciate and thank you, Rooster and all who served then, and all the previous wars. You all had no choice and were put in the worst of situations. And in all honesty the reason why the newer veterans are treated with more respect than you all received, is because your generation taught us to respect all that serve.
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Oh Gator Blu that is wonderful...yes, the Vietnam vets we learned because of them.
And let me thank you also very specially, John McCann.
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Yes i live in a small rv trailer but at least im not homeless not doing drugs and i have my best buddy motormouth kitty. So i have it pretty good

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There's two factor here.

1.Nobody on this earth is erased of problems. Problems are with everyone. From a worker to president, everyone dealing with many small and big problems. And each person's problem is carrying it's own weight and impact.

2.Each person's level of taking the problems are different. To someone pain means poking a needle through skin. To someone a real pain is having a knife digging the flesh out. This doesn't mean the person who feel the pain with the needle is unaware of what the pain is. That's his level of pain. We all take pain differently so as the problems.

My worst condition is different from someone else. No one's worst is upon or less than the other. Our worst is entitled to our own strength and defined as how we can take it.

However, i do believe what you've experienced exist in a very obvious way, some people never know how their strength is challenging unless they observe the challenges that others battling with. Then they feel much stronger and comfortable. Cause they feel what other's are battling with is more harsh than what they were complaining about.

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Every once in a while, yes.

But I try not to fall into the trap of feeling guilty when I am dealt a really, really good hand.

Both I and the person I am comparing myself with have unique conditions associated with our existences.

I figure there is a reason for that, even if I don't know what it is.

So I try to do that "bloom where you are planted" thing.

Some of us just live in different biomes.

And we deal with what's there.

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