I have anxiety and have been trying to find ways to cope but am terrible at asking for help. But the idea of code phrases was suggested. I need code phases for: 'I need out of here' 'Topic change please' 'I'm about to have a panic attack'?


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Dear Anonymous,

Because of the heroism to deal with anxiety, I suggest for you to choose classical, romantic, heroic phrases that nevertheless other people will not immediately recognize what is going on:

1. "I need out of here" - the heroic evacuation of British soldiers across the English Channel in World War II = DUNKIRK

2. "I am about to have a panic attack" - in Victorian times, smelling salts to revive faintness were distilled from the antlers of the stag, in Britain known as the hart = HARTSHORN

3. "Topic change, please" - movies can be a distraction when we need a breathing space in life, and the famous phrase from one of the most famous movies of all time = ROSEBUD

Wishing you well.

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Interesting answer. I missed the Rosebud reference, though and had to look it up. I'll add a link below for anybody who wants it. (I had never realised that Citizen Kane's character was partly based on Hearst, so I've learned something else this morning.)

Citizen Kane: Rosebud
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Dozy THAT is a fascinating article...and I learned the word "synecdoche" ...and a very good word it is!
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It's a rarely-used word. Good to know but not particularly useful. :-/

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