How can I gain self-confidence?


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Barb Cala answered

Realize that everyone lacks self-confidence at some time.  You're not alone.  Just concentrate on finding your own personal happiness and being the best person YOU can be.  If you're happier .. You'll feel much more confident.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Lilly Gray,

A few thoughts for you, in gaining self-confidence...

1. Choose a cause that stirs your heart, and volunteer there. Do your very best work, and as you gain skills and experience and connect with others, your confidence grows.

2. Make a habit to be helpful to every person you meet, of benefit to them.

3. Read over a wide range of topics; fiction, non-fiction, the classics, history, also develop a few genre of special interest.

4. Listen to music, again over a broad range of styles - and do include the great classical composers. Also as a Canadian, become familiar with composers, artists and history of Canadian music.

* * *

You will come to know yourself better and better, and you will occupy your niche in the world ever more confidently.

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PJ Stein answered

Set small goals for yourself. As you accomplish each goal you will feel better about yourself.

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Tom Jackson answered

Remember that you have value just because you exist.

Then be aware that you have value also because you have something to offer others.

Then be aware that not all of the people you meet are smart enough to realize that about you.

Move on from those people---at this stage of your life they are a waste of your time.

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Alvin Ailey , Motivator, answered

Self-confidence is most important part. Self Confidence
can’t easily build up. If you want to be a successful person then
self-confidence is very more important than everything else. There are many
factors that build our self-confidence which are as follow:

Stay positive and get positive feedback from

Change your negative thoughts in positive

Celebrate your small wins.

Improve your skills and communication way with

Change your habits.

Accept the current situation.

Avoid talking with negative people.

Learn from everything.

Share your thoughts.

Stop shying.

Change yourself every time.

Don’t compare yourself with others.

Here is the best website you should follow for gaining self-confidence

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