Have you ever felt like.you annoy others?


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Oh yeah. My sense of humour gets me into all kinds of trouble.

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otis campbell
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We love u didge
Didge Doo
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Thanks, Otis. I could give you a long list of people who don't ... but that's their problem. >:-)
Didge Doo
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I think we share a lot, Walter. I used to worry about people being too thin skinned but you can't change your personality to fit somebody else's hang-ups. I'll just cop it when I put a foot wrong. :)
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Listen, if you've never had haters, you aren't paying attention. Anyone who's ever done anything bold, fuels others who are agitated by it. This whole business becomes unimportant when you are deeply happy with how things are.

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Dear Sane Mori,

Yes from childhood, and I was absolutely devastated and crushed, felt sure I was a totally inferior breed of sub-human to inspire such rage and hatred from others and I was striving struggling pining so hard meekly to fit in...

Looking over the responses you are receiving here, how I WISH there was access to Blurt in 1955...oh well better late than never

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Virginia Lou
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ha ha yes Zee, I am totally smitten...and if I recall it was rather all began with that very expoundment.
Call me Z
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The guy was a treasure. I came upon his work early in my emergence as a freethinker. He and Robert Ingersoll.
Virginia Lou
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Zee, yes Ingersoll too...although by the time I encountered him it was not so much his philosophy that helped me but more his absolute integrity; his willingness & commitment to follow his own lights no matter what - and in the 19th century.
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I do it on purpose 

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I don't have to guess, as many people have told me I can be annoying.  Probably the one I cherish the most was Lt. Bloxom, from my navy days.  He found me very annoying. 

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If you haven't annoyed one person each day . . . Then your not doing it right.

Conflicting perspectives creates social tensions . . . Well, that and flagrant social misconduct.

Some people crave drama and conflict, and act out to generate the situations they subconsciously crave. It's time to Self Analyze, and then take stock in whom you keep in your circle of acqauntences.

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Well, in the words of Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men, I have found that many people I deal with fall into the category of "You Can't Handle the Truth."

But as to whether the appropriate word is "annoy,"---you would have to ask them.

After all, it is their problem.

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