What is the stupidest thing you've ever argued with someone about?


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How I raised my children.

My sister had no children, never raised any children, never babysit my children, never adopted any children, never gave any monetary support or any support to my children, never clothed or fed my children, never babysit, not even for a nano second when my children were 0-18, never brought meds, never did anything, never. Yet she used to tell me how I should have, raised them. Always quick to put her unsolicited 😲unwanted, stupid, crazy, mean spirited  advice into my life 😝. All this after the children were adults. 

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I wonder if your sister knows my brother? He knows better than to give me advice but is forever pontificating about how people should raise their kids. Like your sister, he has none of his own.
Jann Nikka
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They know each other. 😁Crazy, thing she started giving her stupid advice when the youngest one was 22.
Saying you should have did this or that 😣. I told her many times, "Meathead" you did nothing. Still she didn't stop. I'm glad to be done with her.
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Sorry ! Can't remember the last time I really got into an argument. I usually just move on and avoid them. I think it's stupid to argue when anything can be talked out. You can dig it ?

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I don't mean that religion is a stupid subject but one religious door knocker opened by asking, "Do you know the name of the first person to say that the world was round?"

I said, "Yeah. That was a guy named Eratosthenes who lived in Egypt two or three centuries before Christ and not only said it was round but actually did a pretty good job of calculating the diameter."

That only stopped him for about three seconds while he wondered how to go on then decided to revert to his original script. "Well anyway, Jesus was the first person to say that the world is round. It's in the Bible."

I'd have liked to see that but, hey, why waste information on idiots?

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That bible reminds me of Johnny Carson and his Carnac the Magnificent routine.

And I have no interest in being a god in a Mormon universe.

"De gustibus non est disputandum."
Didge Doo
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A truism in any language. I simply don't understand how the Mormons managed to sell that stuff but they were astonishingly successful. Illic natus оne ligula (which translates as, "There's one born every minute."
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Personally, I think the birthrate is increasing.

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