Would you rather always be ignored or never be alone and the person you're with is doing whatever the opposite of ignoring is?


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We all need some kind of human contact, even misanthropic old curmudgeons like me. But that's quite different to needing a live-in relationship. Given a bad relationship or living alone, I'd chose to be alone.

Actually, I have no fear of that just at present Mrs Didge's replacement credit card was mis-delivered and cancelled so she has no card until a new one arrives next week. Puts me in a pretty good position: she won't leave home without me.  (I'm a bit like the guy who rescued a genie from a bottle and was granted one wish. He said, "Make me irresistable to women) and the genie turned him into a credit card.)

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I don't understand this question and I read it 20 times, read both answers and I still don't understand this question. 

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I'm sorry my writing's having an off day today :) Would you rather be at the extreme of being ignored or at the other extreme of always being together with a person (who is ALWAYS paying attention to you). I hope this helps?
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Nina, sometimes some question are too complex for my simple mind, this is one
😄. Thanks
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