So, my family doesn't believe me when I say depression and other problems .Its been 6 years of torture and I don't want to feel like this anymore. Is this really just a phase or a serious emotional problem?


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6 years is too long to suffer! I am learning a lot about the mental health world and it really has a bad name! People do not understand it until either they are in ones shoes or they have a loved one who has a mental health issue. It is sad because there are so many "support groups" and "assistance" for those with a physical disease but those with a mental disease are told to "just get over it" or "snap out of it." Would you seriously tell a patient with diabetes or cancer to "just get over it?" Hell no! You would be shunned upon. People with mental health disease deserve the same compassion as any other illness. They did not ask for it.

KB Baldwin is right. If your parents wont help seek help from a trusted adult who will take your words to heart.

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its not that they dont beleive you its that they cant  help you, in life we each have a burden we have to carry its part of the scheme of things it what makes us stronger and more able to handle bigger challeges that lie ahead of us remember that life is temporary and your problems are also temporary your not going to be in this stage forever you will move on for better or worse take every challenge as a learning experience and something for you to overcome

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You don't say how old you are, but you should see a doctor.  Real depression is not something you grow out of, or think yourself out of.

I also suffered for years, and it was only when I sought medical help that things improved.  At that it took several different prescriptions over the course of a year before we found one that worked without unacceptable side-effects.    Now I feel like a different person - life is good -I don't have the crappy thoughts anymore. 

If your family won't take you seriously, talk to a school nurswe or counselor.  Maybe they can help. 

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