What is it like to think with a different mindset than most people? Ex: dyslexia, ADHD, OCD, depression, etc


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These are mental disorders of the mind . People with mental disorders are the same as those who don't have them. Except our brain works a bit differently/. Some one with OCD will obsess over something or have an urge like cleaning or spending money. This is the best that I can give. I hope my answer helps.

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It's a little bit like shopping with a grocery cart that prefers to go left or right rather than straight.

I takes a little more effort to get the job done, but it is still quite doable.

Flexibility in the direction and amount of force applied is essential.

Many adapt very well.

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Dear Anonymous,

Those conditions can be very disconcerting, with great anxiety. One friend of mine, age 73 now with Asperger's, still has nightmares and troubled sleep related to her anxiety at not "fitting in."

Temple Grandin is one person, however, who documents how much people with diverse mindsets have added to society, as has she herself with her autism.

At least one person right here on Blurtit has studied psychology, and he taught me a name; neurodivergence, or neurodiversity, might actually be more accurate than thinking of these conditions as illness or disorders.

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