I worry about really really dumb and weird things that don't make sense.Is this normal?And how can i stop worrying?But i don't really want to tell anyone because i think it will be embarrassing.


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Please seek counseling. It will help you feel better, identify your worries and help to ease your mind ­čśŐ

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Don't fret too much about it. Some people are just natural born worriers .. Its kind of an obsessive behavior. You may not be able to stop it completely because simply put, that's just how your brain works. However, what you can do is find ways of diverting your thoughts away from obsessing about things. That takes self discipline by means of focus. When you find yourself stressing you can practice methods if "changing the channel" so to speak. Do some research about strengthening concentration, focusing your thoughts and even using mediation to help.

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I worry over the non important silly things so I know how you feel. Yes it is normal. Were only human after all.

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you have to be careful not to give yourself an anxiety. There are somethings that you can't do anything about. The bible tells us at Luke 12:25, who of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his lifespan. Things will happen every day that will cause anxieties. I would encourage you to try to focus on positive things. Exercise can help clear your thoughts as well

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