How can I forget about my past? Im 17 and I hate myself cause i lied alot and cheated on many people. im changing but i cant just forget my past cause people call me names and hate me. I have no friends and loneliness is killing me.


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I was like you in your age, this story is so relatable to me, thank you for asking.

Proudly to say, these haters who made the person I am right now. I dated the hottest girl in school, all the teachers loved me, and I was great in almost every subject. My gang excluded me coz they thought I was always busy with things. My best friends left me coz they thought I was a snob and I got everything.

What did I do? I made new friends from another school, they tagged me a photo on facebook so my friends could see that I'm not dead and these new friends told my haters that actually I wasn't that bad.

10 years after that situation, these haters from school crawled back at me coz they want to ask for a help in terms of career and asked me to hang out coz I turned out to be the person the want to hang out with.

But sadly they're dead in my book, my trust is gone forever as I still got a lot of friends to hang out with, why do I have to go back to my old dark past?

My point is, your life is not done, action speaks louder than a judgment, and haters made you stronger.

My suggestion to you, don't hold back and don't show any sign of weakness, the world is still spinning around without them around you. So please start making new friends from another part of your life!

Good luck and keep your chin up!

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come back and ask this question in another 30 years

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I doubt if everyone knows you in order to hate you. Try and build a relationship up with yourself, go to new places and try new things. You could try voluntary work at a animal shelter, or such. You are only 17 so plan for how you want your life to be, then when you are working you can move away if people cannot accept you're changing, and start afresh. People like to form rigid ideas of people because it makes you easier to assess, it is a survival mechanism.  You may convince some if you change your behaviour and start putting into life and community, but you are going to have to move forward even if they don't.  Life flows, seasons come and go, time flows it doesn't form rigidness only people do that. All the best to you.

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Have you ever bought a chair?

You try different chairs, some make you feel irritating, some hard, some too soft & so on. Finally, you have a chair on which you feel comfortable & you buy it.

Selecting a partner is same, you have to wait for the best one, till then keep trying.

About Friends - In our entire life there are 5 people whom you love the most. You'll meet 100 people, go around with 20 & love only 5.

Select your best 5, you have them. If not, wait for a while.

I'm also answering, your one question where you mentioned how to stop people judging you.

Why do you care? Who are they? It;s your life. They never came when you were said, they never came when you are happy.

You are special in your own ways.

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