How can one stop sleep paralysis episodes? Anything works personally? I'm supposed to be asleep but I am terrified right now—each time I try today the blasting in my ears come back, and so does the malicious presence in the room :(


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Speak to your doctor he may refer you to a sleep clinic, sleep paralysis can be a sign of other conditions.  Check your medications as these can cause this. Make a sleep routine before you go to bed so that you are relaxed. You could try white noise, a low playing radio or a fan.

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(I am not being mean here nor am I trying to be funny. This is a real answer my friend) Do you have any kind of psychiatric disorders? It sounds to me maybe you have a disorder going on and maybe a medication can help you.

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For me I just fall into that borderline loop, and all I have to do Is snap out of it and get up and walk around for 5 minutes. Otherwise It keeps happeneing over and over again.

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4 hours of sleep left. It's a cycle: Since i'm already sleep deprived at this point, that'll lead to the paralysis. And so, as you can see, I'm becoming more sleep deprived. Should I just give up for nights like this?

i've heard playing music might lead to lucid dreaming— which is horrible to me as well. Sleeping on back isn't recommended, but i have experienced this sleeping on my stomach and side too.

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