October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month ... a good time for me to express my pride in my sweet daughter. Do you have any friends or loved ones with that extra chromosome?


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I watched a friend's downs daughter grow up and see what a wonderful person she has become. She's in her 40's now and totally independent. She's the first one to give me a hug when I see her at a picnic or party.

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I had the pleasure of getting to know a few when I volunteered at the school. The sweetest kids ever.

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My mom has a first cousin. My great-aunt was a school teacher and later a principle. She knew since she had her daughter late in life she wouldn't always be there for her daughter. Many people would send their children to homes back then. She refused. She taught her daughter and then she helped develop a program so her daughter and others could be self sufficient. They bought a small apartment building. My cousin and others got their own apartments and it had a store in the street level. The store supplied and income for the residents. 

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At work I have uplifting conversations with a young man. Always so happy and quite the young gentleman. We look forward to our conversations. He's wonderful !

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