How Does The Human Body Reacts To The Desert?


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well the desert is hot so you need to dehydrate but by night the desert is cool.

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Ray  Dart
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You probably meant hydrate. Dehydrating in the desert will result in death.
Ray  Dart
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Er, no it doesn't - dehydrate in the desert and you will soon be pushing up the cactii from below.
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Dehydration. The air is super dry there, and the sun glaring down on you all day, with no shade to stay in, means your body will eventually sweat out a lot of its water content.

Also, you probably won’t be able to find food in the near-barren land, so you’ll starve too.

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Disorientation, dehydration and severe sunburn = death.

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It sometimes depends on what your use

to or where you were born.

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At midday the temperature may be a scorching 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (52° to 54° C.), at which time visitors swelter. At night the mercury may plummet to a bone-chilling 40 degrees (4° C.) or less, at which time they may freeze. If dressed in layers of wool clothing, they will stay cooler; scantily clad they will scorch. If seated one foot above the ground, they may be 30 degrees (17° C.) cooler than if they sit on the ground itself. Add to this the parched throats, the quest for water, the fear of snakes, the sting of scorpions, the perils of flash floods, the dangers of getting lost—it all makes this silent, arid world of desert sand foreboding.

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I live in a high desert at 8,000 feet in elevation.  Our humidity level is around 12% on average.  We dont experience the hundred plus temps, more than likely in mid summer we get a short string of 90 degree days.  Here you have to stay hydrated, due to elevation our hearts beet faster to maintain circulation.  Our lungs have to work harder due to the lack of humidity and thin air..  We also burn easier dur our elevation and the heat.  The heat also drys out sinus system, which if you ha e allergies compounds you problems.  Then the sun goes down a the body changes  I’ve seen the temp drop 40-70 degrees at sunset..  The body has to burn more calories to main your body temp.  It the Colorado mountains me make sure we never leave home with out a jacket, and gloves,  We lovingly say Colorado has four seasons, more often than not in the same day!

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