Is it worth worrying about?

My partner of 7 years and I had a conversation last week and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth. He recently told me that if a woman came up to him and asked him if he wanted to see her boobs, he would gladly accept but that would be the end of it. Nothing would come of it. 

(He has had escorts come to his hotel door over the years offering services after she’s finished with his co workers. He travels a lot for his job so the guys he works with tend to buy hookers a lot.)

I’m aware that men look as much as women but I myself am a very conservative person while in a relationship. I have a hard time looking guys in the face it’s that bad. I’m just wired differently I guess. But for him to accept such an offer almost makes me feel worthless in this relationship and that it’s almost cheating. I don’t know whether to let it go or just leave knowing that it will more than likely happen. I know most of you who are guys will defend him to the ends of the earth. I’m not stupid. And for me to even ask this seems a bit pointless. He’s even said he doesn’t care if guys send me dick pictures or if a guy offers me the same as a woman does him. As long as I don’t touch. Which I guess it’s even but I don’t go out of my way for anything.


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Well, answering as a man, he is probably telling the truth.  It is certainly would be plausible that a call girl may have been directed to his room by a co-worker.

As to the "boobs" that is a little more complicated.  If an individual woman were to come up to me in a private setting and make that offer, I would definitely decline since that is not a type of behavior that I would consider "normal;" and I would be suspicious of her motive.

But if a woman choose to wear a jacket made of clear plastic and nothing else above the waist and then sit at a bar for about an hour before management decided she was attracting too much of a crowd (of men) and then asked her to leave, I would neither leave if I were there nor refuse to come in if she were there already.

As you might guess, I was there when this actually happened about 35 years ago at a Steak and Ale restaurant.  I didn't stare, but I did not avoid looking at her.  I was there; I was at a table; I was there before she came in; even if I had wanted to stare, there was a crowd of men around her that would have blocked my view anyway.

There are many reasons why a male is attracted to "boobs."  Heterosexual men are wired that way. We are hard wired to find mates; and we seldom get to see them except in pictures.

So that is a really effective way to get our attention---at least for some minimal amount of time.

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Molly Burdon
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But boobs weren’t made for heterosexual men, they were made to feed babies and shouldn’t be seen as tools of arousal :/ I understand what you mean, however and you seem like a very reasonable and logical man.
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Breeann, thank you for not asking anonymously. You have some very interesting answers, very different and from different points of view. I am gonna give yet another point of view. First of all you said he is your "partner of 7 years." That's a long time to be only a partner. Why doesn't he commit to you? Secondly, another red flag popped up when you said he travels a lot for work. My question is, could he be traveling to see his wife and there are no escorts, co-workers or hookers? Could he be living a double life? Do you have children with this man? If not, and he's not committing to you and he don't mind if you see penis's and says you got to be okay with him seeing boobs then.... I'm sorry but I think you deserve better. You deserve to be someone's number one. You deserve to be secure in a relationship knowing that you two are committed with each other. You deserve better treatment for sure.

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It’s understandable for you to be worried, I would be. You aren’t just insecure. Try and ask him how he would feel if a man came up to you and offered to show you his penis, and you accepted.

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I'm calling Bullshit.

Prostitutes don't just knock on hotel doors and offer their services to anyone who might answer.
Not in any hotel businessmen stay at, anyway.

They don't know if the person in there is a man or woman ... Or a family ... Or cops on a stakeout, waiting for them.

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Walt O'Reagun
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I don't think you're ready to be in a relationship, if you think "it will more than likely happen" that some random woman will go up to him and ask if he wants to see her breasts.

That shows extreme insecurity on your part, which needs professional counselling.
Molly Burdon
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How are you blaming her for this???
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
I agree it sounds like a load of crap!

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