Do you think it takes more energy to be happy or depressed?


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I think happiness can help generate energy, while depression takes it from us.

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GREAT answer!!! I love it! I'm gonna write this one down!
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All I know is, when I’m happy, it’s hard to contain my energy, whereas when I’m depressed (which I seldom experience) there is no energy to be had.
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It takes more energy to be happy, we live in world that is full of depression , we still have countries that have unsafe drinking water and there is countries where they got to go for several hours a day with no electricity to conserve for later that day, there is people who go for hours with no Internet cause they only got so much money to spend and they got to wait to top up their Internet payment in order to get more online time . Yes the list goes on it takes a lot energy to be happy. The government in the United States doesn't give us a free ride we got go through h3ll just to get what we do get and it's sad we live in country where people making minimum wage jobs can't qualify or afford money to pay for health insurance. These people are stuck with not being able to get health care , they can go to the hospital but heck they are forced to pay the hospital back for medical attention.

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Nothing saps energy like depression .... Joy has the opposite effect!

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