I masterbated so many times day by day that my dick hole is opened but whenever I pee some of the pee drips in my underwear and it causes a smell whenever I'm around people so how do I fix this problem and quick?


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You got inflammation of the head of the penis , make sure you urinate when your done masturbating.  Also wouldn't hurt to do that in the shower you can clean yourself more better when your in the shower.  You may need to see a doctor if that doesn't clear up.

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Oh gross....... Anonymous just told us how he masturbates.
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✊✊✊✊✊✊he needs to keep his hand out of this position!
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See a doctor. Most likely an infection. In the meantime, buy some pantyliners.

Boxershort liners, brief

Oh and drink cranberry juice.  Lay off the porn for a while.

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Wow, you not only can screw up the spelling of the word "masturbation," you can screw up the act itself to the point that you injure yourself.

If it doesn't resolve on its own, you're going to be that way forever.

Good luck ever getting a woman in your life while you continue to smell like dirty underwear all the time.

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Is this you Zack?

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Oh this is just TOO EASY!!!!!!

Here's a thought! Stop whacking off!

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Lol!!! Yin!!!!! I almost didn’t recognize you with your new picture!!! 😍
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Yah I had to switch it for a little while because a spammer was bugging and she stole my avatar so.... until she gets bored and leaves I will post a different picture ☺
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