I live in the uk and suffer from manic depression episodes, I’ve tried medication, none have helped. I’ve been looking into weed and would like to know the safest method for using?


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One of my disorders is Manic Depression also called Bipolar Disorder my opinion is they don't know enough about Marijuana to prescribe it for Bipolar Disorder also i wouldn't just want to smoke that stuff. Now if it came in pill form and was FDA for Bipolar Disorder i might take the pill form or the medical form but just to smoke it no way i would not do it. I believe there's lot more studying needs done plus i would want it to cause me to become hooked on it . I know people are using it for their children who has Seizure disorders that have crippled them most of their life but than again people are taking chances giving that to their children you got to be careful that stuff can be addictive so that's what makes me keep searching for more and better Bipolar Disorder medications. 

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@Molly - Marijuana would likely cause you to develop worst symptoms I'm not here to judge you . I am here to help you
get better without taking the chance with some substance that
could make your disorder worst. I am not here to try to win a argument cause i will walk away. I'm simply just making a statement here what Marijuana could possibly do to you.
Now medical Marijuana could be totally different for you
i don't know cause I'm not the FDA or a doctor who studies
and has license to prescribe it. And I'm not a doctor who
studies mental illnesses but i been dealing with it since age
19 so over 31 years now I'm age 50 been on many medications
i never stop my appointments i just went to the Psyche Nurse Practitioner today and she's putting me on Depakote and weening me off of Keppra but she said, she just can't take me
off of Keppra altogether . She has to ween me off of it but i wish you the best on getting help.
Molly Burdon
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I’d never try marijuana (medical or not) In fear of it worsening my hallucinations. I’m sorry if I sounded hostile I have a tendency to come across as blunt :) I’ve tried 3 anti-depressants, the majority made me over-eat and sleepy, the worse being Doxepin. I’m studying catatonic schizophrenia currently, it’s phenomenally interesting. I’ve always been passionate about mental disorders and I wish you all the best in finding a treatment that works for you (if that’s what you want)
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Thank you Molly. If you ever need a friend to talk to I'm here to listen :)

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