Have you ever experienced Sciatica? If so, how long did it last? What exercises did you do to help relieve the pain.


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I have. Many weeks it seemed like forever. But it did get better. I used heat and cold packs along with ibuprofen. I really didn’t do exercises. I did try very hard to sit straight and not cross my legs.

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I had it once. Knew I had it because I had a tremendous pain just trying to cross my legs.

I treated myself with simple and gentle stretches while sitting on the floor. I also treated myself to warm epsom salt baths. Slept with a pillow between my knees.

Lasted only a week. I think the self non drug treatment I used really helped.

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Mountain  Man
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Thanks Refreshme. I have been doing stretches. I'll have to try the pillow thing.
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U r welcome. Hope that you get better soon.
If you are carrying a big honking stuffed wallet in your back pocket....stop that. Puts pressure on your nerves when you sit down.
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My brother does but his is due to his back injuries from long ago. To him it's just a way of life. 😔 I do hope you feel better soon MM. 

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No, I never had sciatica but one of my relatives had it, so
I am aware that it is extremely painful. As far as I know, she did not really
exercise. She just rested a lot for a while. However, she had to lose some
weight and her doctor prescribed her some medicines. I hope you feel better

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Yes I've had Sciatica the only treatment that helped me was seeing a Chiropractor , i recalled that no matter how i positioned my leg i still had restless leg syndrome from it . Hope you feel better i know it really hurt me .

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Hey, MM

Never had it long enough to be diagnosed, but I've had it occasionally when muscles impinge on the nerve in my butt.

Over the years I've been assigned various stretches due to plantar fasciitis and "tight" hips.

Stretches can usually eliminate my issues when they occur (and admittedly, occurrences are infrequent).

Here's one link to some exercises that have helped me.  Expand the videos so you can see it.

Don't overdo the stretching at first---it takes a while to elongate muscles. 

Good luck---and search for "sciatica exercises and stretches" for more.


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Mountain  Man
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Thanks a bunch Tom. I'll definitely check out the link. One stretch I found to work pretty good is sitting and pulling my knee with both hands toward my chest. It seems to relieve the pain for a while.
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Thanks Refreshme.
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I think the stretch that you have found some relief with is one of the stretches in the link or at least a similar one.
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My husband suffers from it. Unfortunately for him he has deteriorating discs so it is a constant problem for him. He has done acupuncture with some success.  He is doing massage therapy now that seems to help.

I have had minor bouts that last 3 or 4 days up to a week or so. For me ibuprofen and stretching seem to help. I have take double the normal dose of ibuprofen. And that is on orders from my doctor. 

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