Do doctors make you nervous?


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me to

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Generally no.

It's when they rush you thru an appt ...that's when I get nervous, thinking they might be missing some important info in their haste.

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Most definitely. I am so afraid of the whole Dr environment I have a true diagnosed and documented case of "white coat hypertension." My blood pressure goes sky high when I step foot in a hospital, Dr.s office or see their white coats. Mix it with my "germ-a-phobia" in recovery and even pharmacy's are a hassle for my nerves. (The pharmacy I found a way to help the situation by growing attached to certain pharmacists and pharmacy techs. So when I HAVE to go in the pharmacy I think of it as "catching up" with a friend.) 😊

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No. Certain procedures have made me a little nervous but not the doctors.

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Not really.

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While being in the hospital tends to make me nervous, the doctors I’ve had have always been very good and have always helped me feel relaxed when I’m there.

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Well, no, doctors do not usually make me nervous.  Most of them are kind and understanding.
There are some who are rude and cold. These one get on my nerves. However,
injections do make me nervous. I always close my eyes when I have to get one.
My mum told me to do this when I was in primary school!

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