What Causes You To Throw Up Yellow Bile?


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What causes you to throw up yellow bile?

Throwing up yellow bile can be caused by a number of different circumstances, including a malfunctioning pyloric valve, a respiratory infection or excessive dehydration.

No matter which of these conditions you think you may have, it's always best to see a doctor if you are vomiting with no apparent cause. We are not doctors, and any information obtained here is for reference purposes only.

Respiratory Infection: An infection can cause a person to vomit yellow mucus, if the body is producing a great deal of mucus and can't expel it through coughing or sneezing. If you think this is your condition, you can try to thin the mucous by using various medications, and by drinking plenty of fluids. Seeking medical attention is recommended, because vomiting mucous could be a sign of a more serious respiratory infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Malfunctioning Pyloric Valve: The pyloric valve, which regulates bile, can malfunction for several reasons. This occurs most often in older adults. Bile is yellow, and this can account for vomiting a yellow substance. See a doctor to find out why this valve is not functioning as it should.

Severe or Excessive Dehydration: The yellow substance could also be stomach acid, which normally contains a small amount of bile without there being any malfunction present. Vomiting in this manner is most common among heavy drinkers of alcohol, as the stomach lining becomes severely irritated at the same time that the body becomes dehydrated. If this is your condition, cutting back on alcohol will almost certainly improve the situation. In the meantime, to lessen discomfort, drinks designed to hydrate the body quickly can provide some relief.

Remember that vomiting can be a symptom of some very serious conditions, and a doctor's opinion should always be sought. This is especially true if the vomit is a strange color, or if it's accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, chest pain or confusion.
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Why am I throwing up yellow liquid?

Well, when I was pregnant, I threw up a lot and, because I could barely eat anything, a lot of bile came up.

Your tummy is empty, so drink a lot of liquid and, when you feel better, eat something plain like potato. I also had heartburn and acid reflux from my pregnancy.
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When you throw up to such an extent your stomach becomes empty, then you start to throw up yellow bile.
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It's from your gallbladder. But the reason you're doing it is probably your liver.

If you drink a lot, think about easing up on the old liver. Vitamin C, milk thistle, vitamin B and flax seed oil are excellent at rejuvenating your liver.
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What causes you to bring up yellow bile?

This happens due to food poisoning, stomach flu cases and other nausea/vomiting illnesses.

If you're vomiting a lot, call the doctor, as they can give you something for it - or they may want to give you extra fluids to avoid dehydration.
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Well, I either have a stomach bug, or food poisoning.

About two hours ago I threw up yellow bile. My lower right back is killing me, and I believe this is from being severely dehydrated. My kidneys are working overtime, and my dehydration levels are dangerous.
I'm calling out of work, and eating ice pops until I stop throwing stuff up.
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Throwing up yellow bile along with your back hurts means you have a urinary Tract infection. If not treated it can severely damage your kidneys. And you'll get a kidney infection. A stomach bug or food poisoning symptoms would include diarrohea and throwing up.
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You throw up yellow bile when your stomach is empty, but it could also be for other reasons.
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Your gall bladder just stores extra bile, you still have bile in your system, so when you throw up and its only bile, that means you didn't have any food in your stomach to throw up besides the bile and the stomach acid.

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