Where Can I Find Past Question Papers For Std 12th Arts Maharashtra Board Exams?


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Where can I find past question papers for std 12th science board exams
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You can always to go the University's library. They stock up on all categories of previous years' board papers. Check your college library as well. Additionally, there are a few books with the HSC past question papers which are locally available. They not only provide board question papers but also likely answers for the same. Many publications offer guide books which have annotations chapter wise regarding which questions have featured in past board exams.

Another option would be top coaching classes, if you don't want to join, sign up for course material only (including the exam paper booklet as well, of course!)

You will find certain "important questions" that repeat almost every year. Be warned that, at times, a question which has appeared faithfully every year may suddenly not feature in one year. Hence, be prepared for all possibilities.

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