Why Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out After Hair Transplant Surgery?


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When a hair transplant is done, plugs or larger pieces of scalp with plenty of hair follicles are transplanted to areas of bald scalp to restore a full head of hair. However, about six weeks after surgery it is expected and very common for the transplanted hair to just fall out. It is the hair that is lost, not the hair follicles – they just need a bit of time to recover from the trauma of transplantation.

After about another six weeks, the hair follicles restart hair growth and then continue to produce hair at the rate of about half and inch per month.

It is at this stage that the surgeon who did the original transplant will examine the hair growth and make an assessment of how well the transplant has gone. It may be that a few extra sections need to be filled in with a subsequent but shorter operation to completely solve the baldness.

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