How Do You Do A Neuro Assessment?


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A neurological assessment, which is often shortened to the term neuro assessment, is an important component in the care of a patient who is suffering from a neurological disorder. It helps to detect the presence of a neurological injury or disease, monitor its progress, determine the type of treatment which is to be provided and gauge the response of the patient to the treatment.

The first step in doing a neuro assessment is to evaluate the level of consciousness of the patient. He could either be in a state of full consciousness or lethargy or obtundation or stupor or coma. After evaluating the level of consciousness of the patient, the doctor must assess the neurological system of the patient to check for any signs of motor dysfunction. He must evaluate the cerebrellar function, sensation, reflexes of the deep tendons, the superficial reflexes and the reflexes of the brain stem and check for the vital signs of the neuro status.

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