How Long Can You Wait After You Tear The Bicep Tendon Before Its To Late To Reattach It?


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The injury you have incurred is one, which only an orthopedic surgeon can definitively say, yes or no, in relation to your question. First, if you have not seen a doctor and an MRI or arthogram has not been performed to determine the exact diagnosis, then perhaps this is the time to do so. The physician is the only one who can determine the exact injury: tendon tear; minor tender tear; tendon rupture and if, there is also a tear to the rotator cuff muscle. Once the exact diagnosis is determined, the doctor can then inform you of the next step in your treatment. There is the potential for a torn tendon to self heal from a tear. This is called scarring down.

If, you saw and orthopedic surgeon at the time of the injury and he/she advised, a conservative treatment, rather than surgery, this does not mean surgery cannot be performed at this time. If, the tendon has atrophied, that is shrunk, then the alternative can be to remove the tendon. This can only be determined by an orthopedic surgeon.

If, you are still having pain which requires you take medication to the relieve the pain, then a visit to the doctor is the appropriate action at this time. Besides arthroscopic surgery to remove or repair the tendon, there is the possiblity you are have inflammation of the injured tendon and/or the muscle as well. Inflammation can be treated with injections to the injured area, sometimes.

I encourage you to see an orthopedic surgeon in the near future and seek advice as to the best treatment protocol for you at this time. Good Luck!

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