My Springer Spaniel Has Starting Shaking When Lying Down Intermittently. She Suffers From Arthritis In Her Front Legs. She Is 12 Year Old.what Can I Do?


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Arthritis means inflammation of joints. There are many types of arthritis like osteoarthritis, immune mediated arthritis etc.  Arthritis in dogs can be due to

   1. Traumatic injury
   2. Obesity
   3. Boone developmental disorder
   4. Aging

Symptoms of arthritis in dogs are

   1. Lameness in one or more limbs
   2. Lack of interest in walk
   3. Reluctant to climb stair
   4. Swelling in joints
   5. Pain in joints
   6. Stiffness in the morning.

Treatment depends upon underlying cause. At home,  you can only give him pain killers and actions to reduce weight. You can not perform surgery. So, whatever may be cause of arthritis in your dog, vet help is necessary.

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