What Treatment Is Given To Person After Passing Out And For A Long Time Remains In That State?


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I'm sorry, my friend and I were so unhappy with jplollypop's answer that we had to add this:

It is always a good idea to seek medical assistance if someone passes out - especially if it is not a common occurance. There are a number of things you can do to give aid to someone before medical help arrives. It helps in the first instance to know what may have triggered someone to faint or pass out.
The most frequent cause for someone passing out or fainting is called a vasovagal syncope....

There are a number of things which can be brought together under this heading, which normally lead to loss of consciousness. For example:

Standing or sitting for lengthy periods
Giving Blood
Heat (expecially for long periods of time)
Sudden and extreme emotion
Phobias (thoughts of or exposure to)

And several others. However these are the most common. In severe cases the initial loss of consciousness can also be coupled with light convulsions - similar to that of a fit. In this case make sure the person is away from danger and their head is cushioned.

On seeing someone about to faint or having fainted it is very important that you lay them down as quickly as possible and raise their legs - try resting them on a box or nearby object or get someone to hold them up. This will increase the blood flow to the brain.

While doing this try to 'wake' the person. Talk and reassure them. They may feel nauseous and/or need to vomit. This is perfectly nomral. Then lay them back down.

The next thing to do is to try and increase their fluids. Do NOT attempt to give them anything hot to drink. If they lose consciousness again suddenly they could burn themselves or you. I would also not recommend alcohol - it will dehydrate them. Water is the best. If possible try to find a straw so they can drink from a laying position. Alternatively, support them from behind and let them sip slowly. One to two small cups of water taken slowly would be ideal

Once they start to feel a little better, start by lowering the legs a bit at a time. Once they are comfortable attempt sitting and eventually to standing. If at any point the person feels faint, dizzy or nauseous rest them back on the ground.

The recovery time for each person can vary from minutes to hours or even days.

Always seek advice from a trained medical professional.
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I know this question is closed but I have to give 'epictetus' 5 stars in his reply. I've been there/done that as the one affected. Get low and flat quickly works, as does the reclining effect of the legs. In my case it was a medication (statin) that was causing the spells but the fix is still the same...and a professional-at the minimum your primary physician for further instructions.
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If the person remains in that state for a long time I suggest calling the doctor because it's very serious... But meanwhile...
You can give the person cotton with alcohol for he/she to smell. That should keep the person awake. Next you got to give the person something strong with alcohol to drink. I usually use wine, but I think you can use almost any alcoholic drink. Don't give him/her an entire glass of the drink, just a little bit.

I'm sorry if I'm being boring, but you got to call the doctor. Yhe person can have serious health problems - ok?

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