What Job Can You Get If Your Color Blind?


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I was looking for the same thing.  I'm colorblind and I've had a terrible time finding work.  I do know you can be a truck driver, you just have to be able to read traffic signals.  I have confirmed this with a truck driver that was colorblind.  He has a CDL license and drives the big rigs.  I did work on the railroad for a few years as a conductor.  A field that colorblind people normally can't work in.  I got in cause I found a contact lens that enabled me to pass the colorblindness test that uses the dots with numbers hidden in them.  Without the lens I failed terribly, but with it I got a 100%.  I haven't been railroading for two years now because unfortunately this lens is no longer available.  If you are interested in searching for this contact lens, then contact the Ohio State University Optometry Clinic, as they are one of few places in the country that specialize with colorblindness.  They told me of an X chrome contact lens, that was the best contact but that is no longer available either.  Good Luck!

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