What Affects Lung Capacity?


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A number of factors can affect the capacity of the lungs. The most common factors are the age of a person, their gender, and their fitness levels. The weight and height of a person will also affect lung capacity.

Lung capacity is the volume of air that the lungs can hold at any one time. The average lung capacity in males is 6 litters. Women have a smaller lung capacity than men. The breathing the average human needs to survive only uses a small amount of this air and the average human breathes up to 20 times per minute.

People who are resident at sea level will have a smaller lung capacity than someone who lives above sea level, because of the available oxygen levels in the air. People who live at high altitude can often suffer from altitude sickness.

Pregnancy can also affect the capacity of the lungs in women; this is because of pressure on the diaphragm during pregnancy. People who have a larger lung capacity are generally taller and don't, or have never, smoked. Professional athletes will also have a high lung capacity.

People with an average lung capacity tend to be average sized people or people who have smoked in the past, but have been smoke free for a number of years. Other people with an average lung capacity are those who take regular exercise and keep themselves fit. Lower lung capacity is present in shorter people and heavy smokers, as well as in people who take little, or no exercise.

Some diseases can also affect the capacity of the lungs and these are broken into two sections. Restrictive diseases include pulmonary fibrosis and infant respiratory distress syndrome. These diseases decrease the volume of air that can be held by the lungs. Obstructive diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease keep the levels normal but the rate of flow of air is affected.
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There are many things which affect the lung capacity of the person. The main cause of a decreased lung capacity is smoking. Smoking tends to make the lungs weak and also cause lung cancer. Smoking makes the lung lose their daily function and diminishing the daily working of it slowly. Pollution is another such reason. Due to heavy pollution in the air and water, the chemicals such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, hamper the lungs causing it to fail soon in the future. Lungs are the main organs of the body. It is because of the lungs, we are alive, as breathing is an essential part of our survival. It is important to keep our lungs safe buy prohibiting smoke and exercising regularly.
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Gender,age,weight,height, and damage to lungs

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Gender, age, height, weight, smoking, and injury to the lungs

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