What Does It Mean If The Top Of Your Head Feels Cold?


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There are so many different conditions that might be causing your head to feel cold, that it's simply impossible to give you an accurate diagnosis without more details.

If you are concerned about your symptoms I would suggest reading the following information:

Why is my head feeling cold?
A cold sensation is often associated with a blood-flow problem. Try relaxing and regulating your pulse - a cold sensation could be a sign of over-activity or exertion.

Another possibility is nerve damage. If your brain is not getting the right signals from your skin or other receptors, it may misinterpret this as a 'cold feeling'.

Tension headaches and migraines might also be responsible for the cold feeling you are experiencing. Again, the best treatment is simply relaxing, drinking plenty of water, and taking a mild painkiller.

To be on the safe side, I would suggest visiting your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

There is nothing worse than sitting at home wondering what might be wrong, when you could simply dispel your fears by visiting a GP.

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