What Do Sweetbreads Taste Like?


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Not sweet as the name suggests, for sure! Sweetbreads have a taste quite like bacon. Their texture is silky which often attracts connoisseurs of gourmet food.
Sweetbreads, are neither sweet nor breads. (The following link has some information on why these are called as such. Click on if you are interested:Sweetbread)

They are in fact the thymus glands and the pancreas of lamb, calves and piglets. The animals must be less than a year old. The best quality to buy is pinkish in color. You should not buy any sweetbreads that are deep red in color as they would have come from an older animal and may not be fresh. Pancreatic sweetbreads are more expensive than thymus sweetbreads.

To cook them, first their whitish covering has to be removed. For this, they have to be first soaked in wine, vinegar or salt water. This makes it easier to remove the layer. After it is removed, sweetbreads may be deep fried, sauteed, or used in pates. It is considered a delicacy.

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