How To Cure Itchy Throat And Dry Cough?


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Most coughs will just go away with home treatments such as over-the-counter medicine without you having to pay a visit to your doctor. But if this is a recurring problem or if it doesn't clear up in a few days then you should make an appointment to see your Doctor, who will be able to properly diagnose it and treat it as they see fit.

When it comes to buying cough medicine, don't just buy anyone old one. There are two different types and if you get the wrong one then you are not going to help yourself. For a dry cough, buy an antitussive medicine (ask your pharmacist if you are not sure which are which). This helps to stop your body's natural coughing reaction as coughing only makes your throat worse, which will give it time to start the healing process. Be warned through, some antitussive medicines can be addictive, find one if you can called dextromethorphan, although your pharmacist will be able to best advise you.

If you are particularly prone to getting dry coughs and itchy throats then it might be good to try a humidifier in your bedroom for during the night. This will create moisture in the air which will lubricate your throat.

You could also try making a few home remedies such as honey and lemon to help ease the pain of your cough. Some home remedies do tend to give people a relief from their symptoms. Try to take in as much vitamin C as possible. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C or take vitamin supplements if you need.

As mentioned before, visit your Doctor as soon as possible if your cough goes on for more than a few days, gets worse or is a recurring problem. Coughs can develop into bronchitis if you aren't careful so get it checked out.
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Please help my partner can't go to sleep... He is coughing all the time....he said hes throat is itchy... He has also been told he has asthma and been on the puffer for 2days... Any ideas what we can do...
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First off, a lozenge is fine for giving your mouth that minty fresh smell, but it ain't going to do shiz when it comes to getting rid of the itch.  While sucking on a lozenge - especially methol - I know I don't have as much irritation in my throat....  Or so it seems.  You see once it is gone, I have more irritation!  Also my itchiness keeps me up at night and I can't go to bed with a lozenge in my mouth or I will wake up dead!    So here are a few ideas I believe do the trick...

1.  Humidify your air.    You can buy a small vaporizer and breathe in pure steam or get a space humidifier.  Both make moisture in the air which lubricate the linings of your throat. 

2.  Drink lots of water.  It is essential for your body to work properly.

3.  Orange Juice.  Gives us lots of vitamin C.

4.  Vitamins - Gives us lots of vitamin C. 

5.  Don't cough - I know it sounds hard but if you calm yourself and try not to cough it will lessen the irritation and give your body time to heal itself.
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My 1 year old has a really bad dry cough and he is not sleeping much at night, what could I do for him?

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