What Is The Cause Of Poor Hearing?


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Deafness means nearly complete or total loss of hearing. A person can be born deaf, or to be born with normal hearing and become deaf because of an accident or illness. Deafness itself can not be prevented. A person has some inborn defect and deafness results. But poor hearing is often the result of things which might have been avoided or at least did not have to happen.

For example, poor hearing is often caused by several infections. These infections or diseases may damage part of the hearing system during childhood. Head colds, tonsillitis, measles, scarlet fever, mumps and meningitis are some causes or diseases which may bring on poor hearing.

A less common cause of poor hearing is a bony growth in the ear. These growths make it difficult for the sound wave to be conducted into the ear. The sound of loud explosions or violent vibrations of sound are also quite responsible for poor hearing.
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Working in a noisy environment can do it. I spent five or six years in the 1950s working with my ear stuck into a Morse sounder. It wasn't the kind of oscillator you hear on the movies, but the noisy clickety-click type. I'm so deaf now I have to use an interpreter. (That's Mrs Didge, of course. She knows how to get through my unsound barrier.)

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Smart man! I tried a couple of hearing aids but they amplify the background noise as much as what I'm trying to hear, and I'm no better off. (I'll tell Mrs Didge about Grandpa when she wakes up.)

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