My Hands Palm Turned Yellow, What Are The Causes?


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Since the natural color of most people's hands, no matter what race you are, is most often pale and skin tone in general, having your hands turn even slightly yellow can be rather unnerving for most people. There are several reasons that your palms can turn yellow, with the most common being an illness.

While illness is one of the more common reason for yellow palms, there are also a few other good explanations. It is quite possible that you are getting too much vitamin B or Beta Carotene in your daily diet and you may need to make a few dietary changes. In case of too much Beta Carotene in your diet, you may also notice additional symptoms such as a bit of yellow around your nose and in the folds of your mouth. If you're taking supplement vitamins that are high in vitamin B, you may want to stop taking them for a period of time to see if the discoloration goes away on its own.

If you have a child with these symptoms, the cause may be as simple as the child has been coloring with crayons, and colored his hands more than he or she did their coloring book. If an adult has yellowing jaundice it is most likely related to Beta Carotene. After you adjust your diet, the condition should go away in about one month. If it does not, you could very well have a serious medical condition and your family physician should be consulted.

Having yellow jaundiced palms is in most cases not a serious condition. Adjusting your diet will in most cases solve the problem. If it does not, consult your doctor and explain all of your symptoms and explain that you have also adjusted your diet to try and solve the problem yourself.
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It could be something that she held, maybe like a carrot. If you notice any changes though, you should probably take her in to the doctor to find out for sure. Hope this helps, good luck.
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My palms are a bit yellow and when it gets cold my fingers feel as if they are frozen

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