I Am Always Tired And Sleepy! And No Matter How Much Sleep I Get I Still Am Tired!. Im In Good Shape! I Run And Stay Healthy!and Still Am So Sleepy And Tired!. What's Wrong With Me?!


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I had the same problem. Most likely, you just have a disorder, you can be perscribed something like Provigil to keep you awake. It doesn't have the same effects as ritalin/adderral, it will just keep you awake during the day. It works great for me
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I have the same issue. I am 28 I have three kids and I am a full time student but I don't work. It doesnt matter how much sleep I get at night I could still sleep all day. For example, I went to bed at 1 this morning and slept till 8 then went down for a nap at 9 and slept till 12 and I am still exhausted. I was thinking of going to the doctor? But I also take blood pressure meds in the morning which are said to make you sleepy, but I have been on them for 3 years and don't ever remember being so tired???? My mom said when I was younger she went through a spell like this for about a year and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, maybe thats a possibility?

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