What Are The Main Parts Of The Lungs?


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Lungs are an organ with the most prominent function of respiration. Other than that it also aids excretion (of carbon dioxide) from the body.

The respiratory system starts from the nose. When you breath in air, it first enters your nose. From there, it goes to the pharynx and then onto the larynx. From here, it enters trachea. The trachea the divides into two branches known as the bronchi (singular: Bronchus).

These enter the lung and further divide into bronchioles. Each bronchiole has tiny sac like structures at its end. These are known as the alveoli. The alveoli are the actual site of gaseous exchange. They have a network of blood capilliaries flowing through them into which oxygen can be absorbed from the lungs and carbon dioxide can be given out.

So, the main parts of the lungs are:
1) Bronchioles
2) Alveoli

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