What Happens With Paradoxical Bronchospasm? Now I'm Afraid Of Using My New Inhaler.


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As the term suggests, paradoxical bronchospasm, simply put, is a bronchial spasm or a coughing bout that comes along at a paradoxical moment. A paradoxical bronchospasm is an imitation asthma attack. Usually, you take medication to ease out a regular bronchospasm. Once you take the medication, sometimes, usually in the form of as a cough syrup, the effect on your body is the opposite to what the medicine should be doing. In many cases the coughing bouts can increase with renewed vigor especially after the medication has been consumed.

The reasons for paradoxical bronchospasm can be many. One of the strongest contenders is the possible allergic reaction to the ingredients that make up the cough syrup or inhaler contents. It is a known fact that the presence of sulfur in some of these medications can cause paradoxical bronchospasms. A good way to ensure there are no paradoxical bronchospasms is to ensure that the medication is as free of allergens as possible. To that end prescribing sulfur-free medication, both inhalers as well as cough syrup, would help.
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Obtain medication that does not cause the effect. There are several obtainable.
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I can't, not only I can't afford, but, I get my medical and medication free, so I have to use what they give me, I do well on this medication now too. So, the fear is long gone. Thanks though.

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