What Are The Causes Of Itching On A Metaphysical Level, And How Can 'Energy Healing' Help It In Curing?


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If you need relief from itching and the usual cures have provided no relief, you are probably desperate to find something that will help you. Itching that can be explained on a metaphysical level is in your head so to speak. Energy healing may offer some help, even though it is not recognized by the general medical community as an effective and legitimate school of thought and practice, and many practitioners of energy healing have already been widely exposed as frauds who are in this field to make a quick buck off of people who are suffering and are desperate to ease their suffering in any way possible.

The vast majority of itching can be explained as cause-effect cases. If you have recently worn some new clothes, there is a high probability that some material in the clothes reacted poorly with your skin and causes the itching. Other causes of itching can be attributed to a bad reaction to certain types of medications. Lotions and other skin creams can also be a prime cause of skin irritation that can cause itching and discomfort. Your best bet in solving these problems is to visit a dermatologist and have him diagnose the problem for you.

If you have exhausted all of your legitimate medical options and are still suffering from the discomfort of itching, energy healing may be something you can turn to if you believe in these things. Keep in mind the vast majority of people who are practitioners in this field are not certified medical doctors and quite a few of them have already been exposed as quacks and some of them have been exposed as a quack and a crook. So use your common sense and keep your eyes and ears open at all times to avoid being fleeced.
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Itching might be related to a skin disorder such as eczema, hives or scabies, or it might be related to excessive bile in the blood due to liver disorder. Other causes are mosquito bites, synthetic fiber clothing, piles, lice, worms, dandruff, anxiety and deep psychological problems. Itching on metaphysical level reminds you of an unfulfilled desire or wish, it could be a wish to be near someone you were emotionally in love, or there is a desire to understand your blocked anger, which has no outlet present under the present circumstances. For healing first of all you have to understand your own thought power. As thoughts is nothing than energy.
It is necessary to change your thought patterns, from negative to positive thinking. Daily before sleeping give your self this affirmation, that I am free--I am the master of my life. I enjoy life as it means to be enjoyed. I release my grip on all attachments, and I move towards unconditional love, Relaxation, and Light. I see love and harmony wherever I choose to look, within or without myself. I have surrendered my life to God completely, and that is why I feel eternally secure, safe, protected, loved, and nourished wherever I move in Time and space. God Divine healing energy is wrapping me for his divine love and care. I love myself and each and everything he has created here. And try to give yourself whole body Reiki, which is a natural healing diamagnetic energy coming out of your hands, eyes, and breathe and the soles of your feet. Try to rub your hands for two three minutes, and build your intention that you want to be healed from your Itching problem, Connect yourself mentally with your spiritual guides, angels and mentors. Call them to share with you , your healing session, and help you to build your link with your Higher Self, you can call HIM Allah, God, Buddha, whatever suits you within your religion.

Sit or lie down comfortably, put your both hands over your head at your Crown Charka, for two three minutes, than move one hand at your forehead and the other at the back of your head for two three minutes. Now bring your one hand on your right eye, than move the other from its place and put it on the left eye for the same time period. Now move your left hand at your throat and your right hand than move at the back of your throat, keep them for the same time scale. Now bring your left hand at the place of your heart, and the right at the back of your heart, for two three minutes, now bring your left hand at your parting point of your ribs at your solar flux, the other at the back for same time. Now put your left hand at your about 1 and half inch down of your naval, and the other at your back, keep it there for three minutes. Now put your left hand at your genitals, and the other at the back. Now put your left hand under your left sole, and the other under the right, alternatively if you have even less time use only the foot positions, Sandwich your ankle in between your both hands, and the fingertips of one hand should touch the heel of the other palm. It will help you mentally and emotionally to learn to experience pleasure in your life. During this Energy healing session you fell asleep , it is a good sign for your healing, as your body cells will automatically start detoxification's of the Itching toxins generated in your body due to your natural body metabolism.
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Itching on metaphysical level may be a desire or a craving to be with someone you are emotionally involved with, or to meet an emotional need like getting out your anger or frustrations, etc.http:/

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