Does Papaya Cause Allergic Reactions To Humans As With Mangoes?


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Papaya is a juicy fruit and it is available all over the world. It also used in making salads, confections, juices, etc. The unripe papaya contains an enzyme called papain which can be used in treatment for tenderizing meat and it also helps in treatment of ingestion. It contains a high variety of vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin A. The taste of ripen papaya is exquisite and is mostly eaten taw, whereas the green papaya are mostly eaten as vegetables. Internally Papaya shows presence of a number of seeds. Papaya is called as paw paw.

Papayas are also known for some allergic reactions in humans. Anaphylaxis is observed in people have meat which tenderized by Papaya. Papaya is also known to cause a number of diseases such as bacterial crankspot, bacterial leavspot, black rot, purple stain. It also causes a fungal infection as well.

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