How Much Does A Penile Implant Cost And How Long Is The Recovery Time?


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On average, depending on whereabouts you are located; a penile implant procedure is going to set you back between $10,000 and $20,000. It also takes approximately 6 months for a full recovery.

The cost will include your choice of surgeon, type of implant and its placement. Before even contemplating booking an appointment concerning a penile implant, be sure to check that the surgeon you are wishing to work with is well trained and experienced in the area of penile implants, as the procedure can be incredibly messy and difficult to rectify if done badly.
The risks of penile implants need to be considered before you jump into any rash decisions. Every surgical procedure on any part of the body can be dangerous, especially with the need for anesthetic. You will be fully briefed about the procedure by your surgeon before the operation, where the risks and complications that could arise will be properly discussed. Risks can include: Tissue erosion around the implant, movement or migration of the implant, excessive pain and infection. If not done correctly, the procedure may not even make a difference, so be sure to find somebody that you can trust.
There are various recovery times due to the fact that you can have different kinds of implants fitted to suit your personal needs. Some implants take only 4-6 weeks to actually heal, but most need a good while before they can be used again without minor discomfort or even pain. You need to be sure that your issues with erectile dysfunction are worth risking your penis for. There are many alternatives to having an implant fitted, such as injections and pills that can assist you in your problems with erectile dysfunction or similar disorders.

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