What Do The Cracking And Crunching Noises In The Back Indicate?


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Noises emanating from the back or any other body part are in most cases harmless; one vital factor to watch out for is pain; cracking and crunching noises in the back are common with increasing age.

If pain accompanies the cracking noises followed by stiffness then it could signify that something is wrong. The time to watch out for is early in the morning and when one is getting up from a sitting position.

In case of painful noises while performing a physical activity like playing a sport or weight training one should stop the activity immediately as, if there is a muscle inflexibility persisting further would aggravate the condition. The pain that is of the radiating kind that travels through the back and neck is generally an indication of a slipped disc.

Pain near the shoulder blades might be an indication of cartilage damage; painful noises in the lower back region could be an indication of a poor posture or in some cases could be a warning sign of joint disorders like ankylosing spondylitis. In any case it is always advisable to seek medical advice in case of back trouble as prompt medical attention saves a lot of trouble in the future.

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