How Long Till Dog Bite Swelling Goes Away?


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How long the swelling caused by a dog bite will take to go down depends on how severe the bite was in the first place, where on the body it is, how the bite was treated at the time and how well the bitten individual heals in general. Without knowing a little more about the circumstances, answering this question can be about as precise as answering the question how long a piece of string might be.

In any case, considering the potential danger of developing a serious infection, it may be advisable to consult a doctor, especially if the bite occurred some time ago. As a rule, any bite should immediately be followed by a visit to a hospital. Not only does this make it possible to clean and dress the wound properly, doctors will also be able to assess whether measures to prevent any infections are required. This is particularly in high risk circumstances, such as;

  • Bites to the face, head or neck, as well as hands, feet or genitalia
  • Punctures right through the skin
  • Severe crush injuries
  • Involvement of bones or joints
Individuals with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, liver or lung disease, cancer or alcoholism are especially at risk, as are individuals who have had a spleen removal, are over 50 years of age or suffer from compromised immune systems.

Even a small dog bite can result in life threatening infections, due to some particularly vicious bugs inhabiting the mouths of not all, but some dogs. If no medical help was sought in the first place, doing so now is strongly recommended. This is even more important if the bite occurred a while ago, or if the swelling is accompanied by redness and getting worse, rather than showing signs of improvement. Better to be safe than sorry.

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