What Does Melanoma Look Like?


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It is a disease which is associated with the skin cancers. There are special types of cells in the human body which are called the melanocytes and these cells are found in the human skills which are responsible for the skin color. The severe heat of the sun destroys these cells and then they do not work properly. These types of the cells are also found in other parts of the body. Due to the infection in this cell the result is the skin cancer. There are two types of the melanoma one is called cutaneous melanoma and other is called the malignant melanoma.

The skin cancer is curable but the early identification of this disease in the human skin is very necessary. Many researches have shown that due to the maximum exposure to the ultraviolet ways can result into the skin cancer. The ratio of the melanoma is high in the black people. Those people who continuously use the sun bed are suffered from the skin cancer. This disease in the human body can be identified by examining the moles in the human skins. So once the symptoms of melanoma are identified they can be cured. So there are different types of the disease which can be used to cure the melanoma.
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