Can Skin Cancer Look Like Acne?


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To the untrained eye, it is not impossible to assume that a pimple or spot could be more than simple acne. However, it is widely believed that, in general, skin cancer does not resemble the appearance of acne. The appearance of acne is very common around the facial area. This can often be a manifestation or dirt and grease on the skin that has resulted in a malformation. Traditionally, acne will take the appearance of a pimple that will usually swell until it develops a head; by which time they may pop or can be dealt with manually.

In terms of skin cancer, there are two different severities. Malignant skin cancer is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and this is known to manifest itself in the appearance of a mole or black spot on the skin.

There are also the basal cell manifestations that are associated with skin cancer. These can present themselves as sores and ulcers on the surface of the skin; as well as pale bumps and protrusions.

You should avoid picking at or irritating the spot on your skin; regardless of whether you believe it is acne or not. This could result in unnecessary trauma or scarring to occur to the area should the protrusion go down.

The most important thing is to consult your doctor or a professional dermatologist with any queries you may have about your skin. In many cases, you may just be worrying about a basic blemish on the skin that carries no threat whatsoever.

Nevertheless, you should most definitely get yourself checked out as soon as possible; both for your health and your peace of mind. In the event of the mark on your skin being cancerous, the earlier it is discovered, the more effective the treatment will be.
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The first spot of cancer I had was at the age of 27; it was located between the bridge of the nose and the eye. It started out as a clear bump, then turned white; I thought it was acne so proceeded to pick at it. It went away and came back several times after that; so finally I went to a dermatologist. They did a biopsy, and sure enough it was a basal cell. In the last two years I have had an additional four basal cells removed (2 in the chest area, 1 on the back, and one on the face). In the last month two white spots have emerged - one in the exact spot where my first spot was removed and one on the side of my nose and cheek. Needless to say, I'm going back to the dermatologist right away.
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I asked my doctor about the exact same thing.  Mine are tiny deep tear drop looking polyps. I bought a really good pair of needle nose tweezers and was able to remove a few of them, eventually they come back.  DOc says they are in fact a type of cancer, but nothing to worry about unless they get out of hand.  As a male, mine can present issues on my face when I shave and hair grows around or near them I often get ingrown hairs around the afflicted area. If you found more info, please let me know.
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The short answer would be "No". Skin cancers do not look like acne.
Melanomas can start off looking like moles and are the most deadly skin cancer. The other common skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These tend to present as ulcers, what you might call an "open sore". Basal cell carcinoma can also present as a bump, but does not resemble an acne pimple even then.
If I were you I would go to the doctor or hospital, and have them look at your spots for a diagnosis, this should at least set your mind at rest. And stop picking at them, as this will only cause scarring.
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My Aunt had what looked like a white head pimple on her nose she would squeeze and it would go then a few days to a week later come back . This went on for a few months untill we asked the doctor, who sent her to a skin specialist and guess what it was a cancer! ( skin cancer) she had it surgically removed but lost about 1/4 of the end of her nose with it. So go and check anything that doesn't cear and your not sure about because these cancers can resemble a pimple!
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Acne is the malformation and the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands that creates marked pimples and other marks on the face it looks absurd most of the time
Similarly cancer is of two types the malignant cancer and the mild cancer
Both affect differently the body. One has a localized effect but the other one is spreading through out the body effecting one part after another.Acne and the cancer are two totally different things that must not be confused with each other.One is the malformation of the sebaceous and the other secreting glands while the other is the metastasis of the cells .

The cells under go increased number of cell divisions without any check and thus proliferate rapidly in the body and put up areas of metastasis even further.Acne spreads on the face specially and looks absurd simply. There are a number of treatments some of which are most commonly used. Some synthetic creams are also available these days that tend to decrease the effect of acne. The acne term is not reserved for face only rather it could be applied generally to a lot of malformations.
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I have this on my forehead One Dr. Told me I could use a needle and remove these myself another Dr. Said they can do this procedure in the office with a tool for a fee.. Be careful I thought the ones on my nose was the same but it wasn't I had to have Mohs Micro graphic surgery on my nose and I lost about 5 layers on 4/27/09 My nose is still sore from the surgery and very red not sure what causes that the surgery or Roseau . Please have it checked out to be on the safe side. I did learn that the sores on my nose came to a head with pus & that is bad. I keep trying to find some one who had the nose surgery to find out if this is part of the recovery ! I am not young but I value my features and try to look my best no matter where I go & I catch people who know me staring at my face. I tried make up & sometimes it works but not always & I can't remember my hat or sunblock before I go outside, I run to turn on the water & end up pulling weeds. I cleaned the pool and then told myself I had just committed a stupid thing.

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